Like Being Forced To Tip-Toe

Last night was busy as usual, but this was compounded by the arrival of our Minneapolis VIP at around two in the morning (Manila time). Thankfully she didn’t stay long, nor did she sit in to listen to any call, but there was a collective holding of breath among the time while she was walking around on the work floor, for sure.  Of course once she was gone, I was sure that our cheat sheets and shortcuts came back up in short order, heh.

That said, we’re probably going to be told to buckle up again for this shift, because this time around it’s expected that she’s going to listen in to calls. Yikes.

As for me, yeah, I was exhausted. Went to sleep as soon as I could, then woke up very late in the afternoon (I only woke up a bit at noon, and only to turn on the A/C). Just… mentally drained. Not helped by the fact that I still haven’t recovered from my bout of existential frustration from the other day…

Anime Watched: Yuru-Yuru S3.


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