Another Day Dead On My Feet

While last night’s shift wasn’t as bad as Monday’s, the number of calls I took (more than thirty-two all told) plus the looming presence on the workfloor of our VIP from Minneapolis definitely took its toll. By the time I got home I was pretty much, “Yeah, bed is good.” I didn’t even bother with Kantai Collection, just straight to bed. That was how mentally exhausted I was.

I slept from around seven-thirty to around noon, at which I woke up due to the combination of hunger and the daytime heat. Since my father didn’t expect me to wake up so early, he pretty much didn’t prepare any lunch. So I had to cook some ramen for myself to quiet my tummy rumblings.

Once the ramen was cooked, then eaten, it was back to bed for me upstairs. I passed some of the time watching another Battlefield episode (about the Battle of the Atlantic), but from then on it was straight to sleep. The A/C helped as well, and I slept through the afternoon and into the early evening.

Judging from what I saw of my schedule for the week last night, it’s my turn to speak with the VIP during a segment. Hopefully my propensity to put my foot in my mouth doesn’t make itself apparent…


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