Feeling That Budget Crunch, Again

Closing in to the end of the week, and honestly I’m going to be happy to just have our VIP from Minneapolis gone. She just adds even more stress and pressure to an altogether stressful situation, the latter of which was not helped by her revelation in the meeting we had last night that, for the three of us who’re not trained in Certificates yet, November’s going to be hellish. A whole spread of training classes everywhere, leaving us in a lurch. If I don’t get a fever again before the weekend, I’d be surprised.

And I can’t even look forward for payday tomorrow, because I know that a good chunk of it will be used for credit card bill payment anyway. This sucks.

Oh well. At least I was able to get some almost uninterrupted sleep again this afternoon. And caught up on a series I missed the previous season.

Anime Watched: Show By Rock!! (marathoned).


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