Heading To It Early

Because of the dry-run for the upcoming APEC, we’ve been advised to head to the office early to avoid the traffic, particularly for those agents living in areas affected by the road closure or reroutes. As an additional incentive, we’re allowed to file at least three hours of pre-shift OT, which is kind of a boon for me, since I don’t do OT regularly anyway.

Oh, and our salaries finally appeared someone early for a change, at least enough so that I could deposit it into my savings bank before it closed shop for the day. It’s a bit of a load off my mind, though I know that it’s gonna hurt at the end of the month due to the bills that’re coming again. Kind of hoping that our 13th-month pay posts early, but that’s kind of a forlorn hope as it is.

Last day of the work week, so all I need to do now is survive it. Hopefully we get a slow later half, like we did last night, where the last hour and a half as slow enough that I managed to doze off, and there were even avail times of fifteen minutes or more.

Anyway let me see if there’s enough time to cook some viands for my packed lunch… Or just prepare my baon to begin with.


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