So It Was There After All

It turns out, there was still a pre-shift OT allowed yesterday.  In fact, it’s going to be in place for the whole APEC week, which just shows how worried the management is about getting people to work without issue.  In yesterday’s case, it was three hours, but for tonight and tomorrow’s shift, it’ll be up to four hours. So much delicious overtime to be had…

Of course, there were also those who took advantage of the office’s offer to sleep in for the week, and indeed one of the huddle rooms was converted into temporary lodgings for those who didn’t want to sleep in the sleeping quarters.  Lots of people brought bags, blankets, and change of clothes, though I still boggle at how they’d manage to take a bath.

In any case, I better head off. Log in, then straight to the sleeping quarters for a four hour nap. Yeah.

And it looks like we have free lunch tonight and tomorrow too. Neat.


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