Early Again, And Again

This week has been pretty rough on the sleep schedule for sure, but that’s probably what happens when you combine a big event with our office freely giving out maxed-time pre-shift OT for it. I’d hate to see the taxes that’s gonna appear on my payslip at the end of the month but, hey, convenient overtime can’t be complained about! Especially since no actual work is involved.

So for today, a max of four hours is allowed again, which when you add the 30% increase due to it being the second day of APEC… Yeah. Even if the thirteenth month bonus doesn’t drop during this cutoff, that means there’ll be a hefty addition to my pay. Pity about the manual filing of it, especially since the lobby units seem to be still down.

All this aside, last night was still pretty rough. While the other people who were on Certificate training are back on the floor, their queue is exclusively assigned to certificates for now, so it means that there’s really just two of us taking purely service calls. And while the promised free lunch eventually did arrive (mmm, 1-piece Jollibee Chickenjoy is always welcome), it wasn’t enough of a distraction, as I still ended up taking in thirty-three calls. Ugh.

I really wish that the queue would slow down today. So I could actually get time to relax in-between calls for a change.


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