The Ride Finally Ends, Phew

Today marks the official end of the APEC madness at the office, which means the end of the self-imposed exile of the employees who stayed over at the office for a week. It also marks the end of the offered OT period, so this is probably the last time in a long while where I’d go to the office several hours early just for a boost in the salary before cutoff (which incidentally is also tonight).

As for the shift last night, if was pretty rough — more than thirty calls again over the course of the evening, and I eventually even had to run downstairs to the clinic to get biogesic for the headache that I experienced during the last few hours. It’s no wonder that I flopped right into bed almost as soon as I got changed when I got home.

That aside, my sister and the baby managed to drop by for the weekend again. I was surprised that they didn’t experience difficulty in coming to the house, what with the APEC re-routing and temporary road closures. I suppose those coming from the north side of the metropolis don’t have that much trouble going south.

Anyway, I better get ready again to head to the office. Hopefully the crowds at the MRT won’t be that large, but you know what they say… It’s better to err on the side of safety.

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