Had All Day, But Nothing To Do

All in all, it was a very lazy Sunday. I woke up at around ten in the morning, and proceeded to just putter around the house not doing much but eating. When I wasn’t dozing off, I was slowly bringing up my expedition units in Kantai Collection up to sparkled status again. In any other situation I’d probably had been trying to finish the event by now, but in this case the other half of my time was spent farming for Asashimo in the event’s third map before I proceeded with clearing in. Yeesh.

Otherwise, not much productive work done today, but that’s just as well. I don’t think my body’s fully recovered from last week anyway, and was still trying to recoup all the uninterrupted sleep it needed.

Anime Watched: Mobile Suit Gundam: Ironblooded Orphans, Is The Order A Rabbit S2, Dragonball Super.


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