Back To Normal Weeks, I Suppose

I’m finding it really odd, waking up in the early evening again, rather than mid-afternoon. With APEC over, there’s really not much reason to wake up early, so I suppose it’s just as well. Not much to bother about when there’s no pre-shift OT to be had.

That said, schedule readjustment didn’t go as smoothly today, especially since I woke up at around ten in the afternoon. This meant that I had to force myself to sleep by around two in the afternoon.  Not easy, I assure you.

So I tried to bide my time, and tire myself out to get to sleep. This meant watching anime in my case (the week’s episode of Gochiusa and Gundam) as well as continuing on with the Asashimo farming in Kantai Collection. Yeah.

Eventually did go to sleep, but one can understand why I don’t feel as energetic as I should be. Which means I really really hope that the start of the week at work tonight isn’t as rough as last week.

Anime Watched: Is the Order a Rabbit S2, Mobile Suit Gundam Ironblooded Orphans.


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