Early Countdown To The Weekend

Last night’s shift wasn’t as rough as it could have been, but a Monday is still a Monday, and I was just glad I got through it in more or less one piece.  On the bright side, since it wasn’t as stressful as last week, it meant that I was still able to stay awake for around two hours after I got home. 

I managed to watch some anime, and continue the Asashimo farm on Kantai collection, but by around nine I was nodding off. So I said heck with it. I didn’t even bother waiting for one of the shorter expeditions to come back on Kantai Collection, and just went straight to sleep.

Kind of looking forward to the Thanksgiving weekend though. Free movie aside, it also means that we’re mostly free of calls on Black Friday too. Though it does make me wonder if we’re going to get our pay this weekend, or the start of next week instead.  Kind of hope it’s the former, as my savings really need a leg up, so to speak.

Here’s to hoping as usual that the Tuesday shift isn’t stressful, but that’s just temping fate as usual.

Anime Watched: Yuru-Yuri S3.

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