Weekend Surprises

It was a very slow shift last night, but I suppose that’s what you get in the wake of thanksgiving. Not that there weren’t any calls coming in, but they were comparatively minimal, which meant long long periods of just sitting around doing nothing, and everyone on the floor trying to find something to busy themselves with.

The large gap in between calls was a bit of a blessing for me though, as I was able to focus on each call. I think I did somewhat good, and no major screw-ups made themselves apparent even in hindsight. Hmm.

And when I got home? Well it was back to Kantai Collection’s event stages. I actually figured that I’d be stuck for a while longer at its fourth map, but after my first sortie for the day, well…

Yeah, sometimes RNG gives you a break.
Yeah, sometimes RNG gives you a break.

Yeah. This meant that I didn’t have any excuse to tarry anymore in the area, so I went about clearing E-4. I even got an extra U-511 on the final clear, meaning I could also finally convert the high-level Yuu I already had to Ro-500. Hmm.


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