Working On The Eve Of The New Year

December 31, 2015

It’s New Year’s eve, and here I am, getting ready for work. My only hope for tonight is that the calls ease up, really… Though that’s seems like a forlorn hope, due to all those last-minute calls for their IRA RMDs and whatnot. Can’t hurt though, especially given how slow last night’s shift was when compared to the start of the week. Hmm.

As for my sleep today, it wasn’t as straight as I’d have liked, as I woke up at around two in the afternoon, and never managed to go back to bed.  What this means, of course, is that I might be looking forward to some caffeine tonight…

My family of course prepared quite a spread for tonight, and this time around my sister’s husband managed to drop by for dinner too.  Of course, given the huge amount of food involved, invariably this would mean that my packed lunch would be mostly the same (in this case, carbonara and fried chicken, yeesh). Oh well, could be worse, I suppose.

Maybe I’ll get myself some cola at work to complete the set, heh.  In any case, for those who manage to read this journal entry, may you all have a Happy New Year~!


They Weren’t Quite Snowed In

December 30, 2015

Despite our worries, last night’s shift was much more relaxed than we expected. Sure we were asked to log in half an hour early, but there weren’t that many calls compared to the usual nights. You’d think that it wasn’t snowing in Minneapolis or something… In any case, it was uneventful, though as usual I wished that the temperature was turned up on the floor.  It seems that the only warm place anywhere on the eight floor is the sleeping quarters.

Anyway, with last night’s shift done, it means that we have two more days until the New Year. It’s really too bad that we won’t get New Year’s eve off, but New Year is a holiday anyway, so that’s something to look forward to at least.

Oh, and my sleep this afternoon went mostly uninterrupted, which is surprising, since my sister and her son are staying with us until the New Year.

Need To Head In Early, Again

December 29, 2015

Despite my fears, last night’s shift turned out to be much more relaxed than I’d expected. For a Monday evening, the number of calls were manageable, and early on during the shift there were significant avail times in between calls.  Add to this the fact that we learned that our pay was in our payroll accounts before even half the shift was done, and what’s more the payout for the cutoff was much larger than anyone predicted (apparently the product of tax refunds for the year). 

Speaking of which, my own payout was at around nineteen thousand and nine-hundred odd pesos, which I was really glad for, as it meant that my savings would be entering the new year at more than twenty-thousand for a change. Of course, it’s likely that after the New Year a good chunk of that would be gone to pay off my burgeoning credit card bill, but hey, I’m going to enjoy it while it’s there in my savings account.

Oh, and since there’s apparently a blizzard warning for the Minneapolis area, we’ve been ordered to come into work early to make up for the expected attendance shortfall. Well, it’s a Tuesday, it’s not like the call volume could get any heavier than the usual rate for that day.

Hmm, there’s still going to be a bit of extra cash, so maybe I should take the opportunity to get a massage and a haircut while I still have a chance…

Out Of The Holiday Afterglow

December 28, 2015

So, the holiday for yours truly is technically over, and it’s back to the office for me tonight. I’m trying to be positive here, and hope that we won’t get too many calls, but it’s both a Monday and coming back from a two-day break… Yeah. I’m just going to brace myself, then.

I’m still also hoping that we get our pay tomorrow, as my finances aren’t really looking too good right now. Buh. So much for not having any credit card debt coming into the New Year.

At the very least, I was able to rest well today, barring the short bits where I had to reposition myself since my arm had gone numb, but otherwise very restful indeed.  

Skipping Through The Weekends

December 27, 2015

As with how these things usually go, if I skip a day’s entry, it usually means that I either overslept, or was just too tired to make an entry for the day. Last night was the former case — I actually even remember setting an alarm for it, but apparently I turned off the alarm, and promptly went back to sleep. Go figure.

Now, for today, well, the most exciting part is the fact that the family went out to meet with my tita (my mother’s younger sister) and my cousin (along with her kids of course). Me and my father first met my sister and her family over at Trinoma, before the five of us — myself, my sister, her husband, my father, and the baby — drove off towards Eastwood Mall. There we met them at the Crisostomo restaurant, and suffice to say that we got very very stuffed.

Oh, and since the place wasn’t accepting my sister’s ATM, we had to use my credit card for payment… Add to this the knee-jerk purchase I made on the internet when I got home, and I am seriously not going to be financially happy for the next few months. Better make sure to intercept those credit card bills before my father opens them up… 

Speaking of bills, I am seriously hoping that we get our pay before the 30th, as the only days that the banks will be open will be tomorrow and the 29th.  Ugh.

The Regrettable Result Of The Noche Buena

December 25, 2015

I was a little bit thankful that the team got Christmas Eve off. Although this does mean that we’d have to come in on New Year’s eve, it also meant that we could spend the night before Christmas with our families… And in our case, though in my case, this meant that I slept in for most of the day, and then looked forward to a heavy dinner.

Ironically I didn’t actually eat much during the noche buena feast after midnight, since I had gorged myself on spaghetti several hours earlier during dinnertime. In the end, all I did was drink cola, and munch on the fish tocino that my father had cooked for dinner, and which we then threw in alongside the barbecue, valenciana, spaghetti, and hinalabos na hipon.

Oh, and all this time, my sister was in my room, working away from the office. She only finished her “shift” at around four in the morning, but even then, man was I jealous that her job allowed her a luxury of working from the house even if it’s just one day per week.  The baby was making a fuss though, but that’s what happens when you let him go to bed late in the evening… and then wake the kid up for picture-taking at around midnight.  Let’s just say that we had to deal with a screaming and kicking two-year old as a result. Hmm.

Anyway I don’t have any work today as well, so I’m just enjoying the long weekend while it’s here.

Sleep Overcompensation This Time

December 23, 2015

This time around, I slept in a little too much. 

It was straight to bed once I got home from work this morning, but since there weren’t anything distracting me I was literally almost out as a light once I lay down.  This didn’t stop me from waking up at around one in the afternoon anyway, but it was otherwise untroubled.

Even when I woke up though, I didn’t stay awake long, and went back to sleep. Maybe it was due to the combination of the cool afternoon breeze, and how it was relatively quiet among our neighbors, I was again out like a light. I slept comfortably until early evening, upon which I woke up, and found both my sister and my nephew already with us in the house.

Tomorrow the team has Christmas Eve off, so maybe I can finally catch up to both Yuru-Yuri and Gochiusa