Working On The Eve Of The New Year

It's New Year's eve, and here I am, getting ready for work. My only hope for tonight is that the calls ease up, really... Though that's seems like a forlorn hope, due to all those last-minute calls for their IRA RMDs and whatnot. Can't hurt though, especially given how slow last night's shift was when compared … Continue reading Working On The Eve Of The New Year

They Weren’t Quite Snowed In

Despite our worries, last night's shift was much more relaxed than we expected. Sure we were asked to log in half an hour early, but there weren't that many calls compared to the usual nights. You'd think that it wasn't snowing in Minneapolis or something... In any case, it was uneventful, though as usual I … Continue reading They Weren’t Quite Snowed In

Need To Head In Early, Again

Despite my fears, last night's shift turned out to be much more relaxed than I'd expected. For a Monday evening, the number of calls were manageable, and early on during the shift there were significant avail times in between calls.  Add to this the fact that we learned that our pay was in our payroll … Continue reading Need To Head In Early, Again

Out Of The Holiday Afterglow

So, the holiday for yours truly is technically over, and it's back to the office for me tonight. I'm trying to be positive here, and hope that we won't get too many calls, but it's both a Monday and coming back from a two-day break... Yeah. I'm just going to brace myself, then. I'm still also … Continue reading Out Of The Holiday Afterglow

Skipping Through The Weekends

As with how these things usually go, if I skip a day's entry, it usually means that I either overslept, or was just too tired to make an entry for the day. Last night was the former case -- I actually even remember setting an alarm for it, but apparently I turned off the alarm, … Continue reading Skipping Through The Weekends

The Regrettable Result Of The Noche Buena

I was a little bit thankful that the team got Christmas Eve off. Although this does mean that we'd have to come in on New Year's eve, it also meant that we could spend the night before Christmas with our families... And in our case, though in my case, this meant that I slept in … Continue reading The Regrettable Result Of The Noche Buena

Sleep Overcompensation This Time

This time around, I slept in a little too much.  It was straight to bed once I got home from work this morning, but since there weren't anything distracting me I was literally almost out as a light once I lay down.  This didn't stop me from waking up at around one in the afternoon anyway, … Continue reading Sleep Overcompensation This Time