A Bit Of Monetary Relief

The banks were finally open today, so it’s no surprise that the first thing I did once I got home from work was not go to bed. Instead, I waited until nine in the morning, which was when I went to my bank and deposited what was left over from my salary last week.  Let me tell you, I was very relieved once I did that. Whew. Temptation, be gone!

Anyway, with that little concern dealt with, I can finally worry instead on the trip to Bohol the family is doing in a week or two. On top of the usual performance-related stuff at work.

Didn’t have as much sleep as I’d liked during the day though. Went to bed just prior to noon, and I woke up late afternoon, so little over five hours rest. Hopefully it doesn’t make me crank today, and since it’s a Tuesday, I’m going to need to be as chipper as I could get. 


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