Staying Late Not Because I Wanted To

I was asked to stay after the shift to listen in to one of the calls I had last night that resulted in an escalation. It’s embarrassing, but my tendency to segway rather than simply stating the solution, and my weird fondness for over-explication just resulted in the call being escalated to a supervisor, and nothing getting resolved despite the fact that I spent ten minutes on the call.

So, now that we’ve narrowed down those issues, my focus for tonight, and for the rest of this cutoff, will be to keeping things simple and yet finding a complete answer to the client’s concerns.  Gonna probably need something to calm my nerves for each call though…

Anyway to add everything up: keep answers short and to the point, cut down on the blather, and for Haruhi’s sake, listen. The issue for the call we listened in to was the fact that I promptly forgot the issue that the caller actually stated at the start of the call. Have to really make a habit of note-taking, as it’s really apparently that my short-term memory isn’t doing so hot.


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