Always Trying To Cut Down (On Screw-Ups)

There you go...
There you go…

Last night’s shift was somewhat better, but there was that one call where I could have actually done something about that just got escalated anywhere. We might listen to it later on for coaching, but this time around rather than giving out an inaccurate response, it might be that the guy just disliked how I explained things (or maybe was just impatient). In any case, it’s situations like that I want to avoid, as it implies that clients simply aren’t confident in my capability to deliver answers.

It’s not a big blow to morale, but another dent to my confidence, for sure.

On non-work related stuff, hey, I cleared the final map of the Fall 2015 event.

Kantai Fall 2015 Hagikaze get Kantai Fall 2015 E-5 Medal

Done and done
Done and done

Defeating the boss was actually rather easy. It was getting there that was the problem, as the two night battle nodes in the way basically can screw you over big time.  And people say that farming the boss is easy? Isn’t getting there on a regular basis a bigger concern here?

In any case, this means I can relax a bit, and focus on farming for Arashi (and debuffing daily).


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