Surviving Into The Weekend, Once More

There were quite a bit of calls yesterday, but it was only noticeable after the fact. And even then it seemed like it was skewed toward the first half of the day, as after my second break things had slowed down enough that I was enough avail time again in between calls.

It was odd to have my team lead hovering around my place though, every time I received a call. It was to make sure that I consistently didn’t get into trouble, I guess. Well, that, and make sure that every time I place a caller on hold, when I eventually do come back I have my act together to give a confident response.

That said, one more evening, and it’s the weekend again. So looking forward to having the room to myself… Well, there’s my sister and my nephew of course, but the latter kind of knows now to not disturb me when I’m sleeping, heh.

P.S. I ended up bringing my phone to the local repair shop this morning. I sort of flubbed taking the phone apart to retrieve the Globe micro-sim that I had placed inside it, and ended up snapping the connections to the power button. This shows me to leave stuff like this to the experts, as smart phones have a lot of small components…


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