Event Over, And Farming Done With

Done, and done!
Done, and done!

And for a moment there, I was kind of worried that she wouldn’t drop at all.

With Arashi finally acquired, I could finally put a close on this event, specifically the post-event farming proper, as she was the only ship I was interested in getting anyway. Oh sure, I suppose I could try farming Umikaze in E-3, but getting S-Rank at the boss there is a tricky proposition at the best of circumstances, so I’m passing on that one.

Anyway, the rest of my day was pretty uneventful, and I spent most of it either on Kantai Collection or, once Arashi was found, watching documentaries again on Youtube until I fell asleep for the afternoon. Tatay did remind me about our trip this week, but at least I reserved a day for preparing for that one.

As for what the rest of what I’m planning for tonight, eh, I guess catching up on today’s anime will do before I go to bed again

Anime Watched: Gundam Ironblooded Orphans, Dragonball Super.


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