New Week, Always New Worries

I had the frame of my glasses changed today, as parts of it had already corroded pretty badly.  The lenses were still good, but even with a twenty-percent discount I still ended up paying six thousand and three hundred odd pesos for it. I really should have paid attention though, as there were cheap frames that went for less than two thousand. Ugh.

And our trip to Bohol is barely three days away. Wonderful management of money there, me.

In any case, it’s a new week, meaning it’s back to the office, and what’s more it’s also the cutoff for filing our log-in times. I’ll have to see to that when I get to work later on.

Ugh… Haven’t been able to get my CGDCT series fix for two weeks now. Stupid seasonal Kantai Collection event… Depending on how tired I am tomorrow after work, I’ll have to see about that.


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