Even More Stuff Before The Trip

It’s kind of funny, but although I reserved today as one of my day’s off to prepare for tomorrow’s trip to Bohol, I was mostly done with the packing in less than an hour. Enough clothes for at least four days. Hmm. 

When my sister and her son arrived late morning, there was little left to do, but buy some new padlocks perhaps for the bags (so we could lock them when we went sightseeing).  I bought the latter during the afternoon, along with some toiletries that I thought I needed to have.

As for my shift at work, well, it was relatively slow for a Tuesday, with the only notable thing about it as far as my team was concerned was the arrival of the trainees for their mock calls. 

Anyway, I think I’m mostly ready, though I’m a bit worried, as I kind of developed a headache during the afternoon, and it grew bad enough that I excused myself as soon as dinner was over so I could lie down.  Even after I’ve managed to sleep for two hours, a hint of it’s still there, so I’m a little worried that it’d follow me through the trip. Ugh, I don’t want to take medicine for it, but if that’s what it takes so I won’t be cranky for the trip, then so be it.


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