The Bohol Experience

Well, we arrived at Bohol’s capital without incident, though we didn’t really do much aside from hiring a local guide to the island’s major sights, checking into the hotel my sister reserved for our trip, and making a quick trip to the closest grocery (Marcello’s) for provisions and a quick dinner, it was back to the hotel to rest.

For most of today though, things went towards taking in most of the tourist sights, starting from Tagbilaran and terminating at the Chocolate Hills, and then back. Suffice to say that I was smiling the entire way, and back. That said, there we’re signs, here and there, of the earthquake that occured a few years ago. The shattered church at Loboc, still under repair, was obvious enough, but there were the houses that still had the look of recent repairs done on them, to the ones that stood tilted to one side, abandonec by their old owners, to all those bridges that we passed by that still had repairs done on them.

In any case, once our trip was done, we were landen by souvenirs for the people back at Manila. And we’re still heading to Cebu tomorow! So my vacation ain’t done yet!


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