Back Home, Back To Reality

So, here we are again, back home safely after spending almost two days at Cebu City. I have to say, that while it was great to visit the city and all — especially for my father, whose last visit to the city was prior to me or my sister even being born — it struck me how similar to old Manila it felt to me. Here was an old city with a long history behind it, which had a smattering of new things to it (see the shiny new malls, particularly in the Talisay area), and yet it had this patina of decay to it.

The beggars sleeping in the streets, in front of the old churches and even the city hospital, added to the feeling, I guess.

The family met up with one of my older cousins (and her family too) in the early evening (after we had passed by the market for dried fish and squid), and she treated us to dinner at this restaurant at Talisay (called Lantaw). It was great, though it just added to the already substantial flab I had around my belly. Ugh.

Our flight was early the next day (eight forty-five today), so we woke up very early (around four) just to prepare for the trip to Mactan Airport. By six o’clock we were already in a taxi heading towards the airport, and the family was checked in by around six forty-five. There was this last-minute issue of us having no actual souvenirs to take home from Cebu City itself barring the photos we took, so in my case that was solved by some last-minute purchases at one of the shops at the waiting area.

The flight itself was uneventful, though I have to note that not only was the plane huge for a provincial flight (three rows of seats in the middle, and two aisles beside it), but there were so many empty seats that, as soon as the plane had achieved level flight, people just stood up and choose whichever seat they wanted, and stretched out to lie down for the trip.

Anyway, back in the city, so it’s back to the real world again. But first… The laundry. 


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