Reporting Back To Reality

Tonight marks the night I return to the office, after what’s almost a whole week’s worth of vacation time. To tell you the truth, I’m slightly nervous, as while I’m going to bring with me the souvenirs I’d bought for everyone, I’m also worried that I might have forgotten much of the knowledge I had at work. Hmm.

Oh, and there was a bit of a typhoon warning, so we were told to try and get to work early… and yet there was very little rain. Even when the skies darkened this afternoon, the rain itself didn’t actually last long, though it was apparently long enough for my father to have been able to take a bath in the ensuing downpour.

Anyway, another of my worries is the fact that I wasn’t able to get much sleep earlier. I think I’ve only gotten two hours worth of sleep during the afternoon, which might spell trouble later.

Anime Watched: Onepunch Man, Heavy Object, Osomatsu-san.


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