And Now The Rain Comes In

It turns out that the typhoon warning had some merit after all. Unfortunately, it’s a whole day late, as the rains didn’t really start until early this morning. Even then it wasn’t really that much of a downpour until early this evening, and from what I could hear from outside the window, there’s no way for me to get to the office without an umbrella. Yikes.

As for last night’s shift, it was pretty standard for a Monday. The only difference of course is that all of a sudden I’ve got a whole lot of new neighbors in my area, all of them the trainees for transactions. They’re still on phone lab though, so last night was just a bit of a test run on whether or not they could take live calls.

They shouldn’t worry too much though, as even when they’re properly set up, during the phone lab period they’re not expected to take a whole lot of calls anyway. I’d think that even fifteen calls would be a lot, in my experience

Anyway, I better get ready, else I might get late at this rate. No predicting whether the MRT service would hold up against the rain right now.


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