One Of Those Days, Really

Yeah, to say that it rained really hard last night would be an understatement.  Not only was there flooding (up to the thigh in some places!), but it was bad enough that it kept my father up most of the night trying to prevent the kitchen — and thus the rest of the house — from flooding over.

As for myself, I had the bad luck of being on the MRT when the trips were called off (since it had flooded in the Ayala enough that transit wasn’t possible enough).  And because I didn’t have my phone with me, I had to walk back home (through the aforementioned thigh-high flood), get changed, then find a way to get to work. But since no taxi seemed to be willing to take on passengers for some reason, and all the buses were full, where did this leave me?

Why, it meant that I had to walk to the office of course!

So, I somehow managed to get to work an hour and forty-five minutes after my scheduled time… Which is impressive on its own especially given how because of it I somehow avoided the Haruhi-awful traffic that congregated at around the Ayala area.  And all of this amidst the driving rain, which did not let up even into the late evening.

That said, I have to admit that I wasn’t feeling too hot once I got to the office. I was soaking wet, didn’t have a change of clothes, and I somehow left my hot water bottle behind. This meant that, in the time that I was taking calls I was shivering in my seat due to the frigid air conditioning.  And while a trip to the clinic during my lunch break showed that I somehow didn’t have a fever (yet), I felt terrible enough to ask my boss some rest. He relented, and let me sleep thirty minutes, whereupon I retreated to the oddly-warm sleeping quarters.

Once I came back, I was feeling much better, though I still smelt like wet laundry due to my clothes, and it was still cold enough on the work floor that I couldn’t feel my fingers at times. Though I suppose we did get a bit of a break as well, call-wise, as there were fewer calls than expected, despite the fact that we down two people in the team (they weren’t able to come to work because of the rains). And so while we weren’t able to relax, we also weren’t stressed out when the shift finally ended. Heh.

Anyway, the boss kind of gave us an ultimatum for tonight’s shift though: no lates or absences, enough that pre-shift OTs were allowed. Let’s see how that works out.


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