Dry For A Change

It finally stopped raining last night, though I still had to bring the umbrella with me to avoid getting soaked on the way to the office.  And while it was still dark and cloudy when I got off work this morning, no downpour came. Funny how that worked out.

As for the shift itself, it was honestly pretty relaxed. A middling number of calls, and none of them too difficult either (though some were long enough that I missed my usual break schedules as a result). I was forced to shelve out some money for the team jacket (it should be telling that my jacket was the only one without a name embroidered on it) by lunchtime though, which would make it honestly awkward when I was going home since it looked like I had brought two jackets with me; I eventually settled for wearing the team jacket and just carrying my own jacket in my hands.

Still getting used to the fact that I have cubicle neighbors now. It’s a whole lot more lively in my area, though I suppose that, on the whole, it’s a good thing.


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