Kind Of A Blank Weekend That Was

I wasn’t able to put in journal entries during the weekend due to some circumstances, though hopefully this post can make up for it somewhat.

Let’s see, what exactly happened during Saturday morning? Well we had a team breakfast over at the dampa at Macapagal boulevard (just off Libertad if you follow a straight line from it), and we had a lot to eat. And I do mean a lot, enough that I was still feeling the stuff well into Sunday evening, ergh.  Also it turned out that it was supposed to be the time where we exchanged gifts amongst the team, and I was the only one who didn’t bring my exchange gift. Whoops.

Well, that, and when the time came for the individual contributions I wasn’t able to shell out anything either, as I had less than ten pesos on my person at that point and, because of the rains, I wasn’t able to withdraw any money. Wonderful. One can imagine the looks of all the other people on the team when I shook my head and said, ahaha, no, got no money to give.

Since I didn’t have money with me, I walked most of the way home, after everyone excused themselves for the morning. All the while the rain got stronger and stronger, until it was positively falling in sheets once I got to our neighborhood. Thankfully it wasn’t flooding, but I was very wet by the time I walked through the front door, and obviously not happy.  When I finally got out of my wet clothes and changed, it was straight to bed for me.

I went to bed at around ten in the morning. I woke up a little bit after midnight. Yeah.  Admittedly the rain and the cool weather might have contributed a bit, but that was probably my best impression of a hibernating bear, right there.

My Sunday started early as a result, though I suppose I spent the first few hours of that morning trying to make up for the lost day of Kantai Collection.  After that though?  Documentaries on Youtube, intersped with reading scans of US comic books (downloaded the entire Convergence series, followed by Superman and Batman Generations 3).

Oddly enough, I wasn’t able to watch any anime during this time. This annoyed me. And I’m three weeks behind on both Gochiusa and Yuru-Yuri.  This just can’t do.

So what I’m going to do now… is forego any Kantai Collection, until I’m caught up.

But that’ll have to wait until tomorrow, as I have work tonight.

Anime Watched: Onepunch Man (finale), Gundam Ironblooded Orphans.


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