All That Sleep, Still Nothing To Show

I hate to admit it, but this isn’t quite as working out as I’d expected. Going to sleep as soon as I could once I got home, I mean. While the intent is that I’d do it so I’d have more energy when I finally do wake up, I just end up waking up really early in the afternoon, and then not be able to go back to sleep again. All this just makes me feel more tired by the time I have to get read for work, because by that point I’d have been awake for more than four hours… Oi.

And I haven’t been able to catch up at all on Gochiusa or Yuru-Yuri. Yeah, definitely not working.

Oh, and Chain Chronicle’s turning into an even worse money sink than World of Tanks ever did. Time to stop for a while before that credit card bill grows even larger. Ugh. There goes my plan of not having any debt before the New Year started.


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