Sleep Overcompensation This Time

This time around, I slept in a little too much. 

It was straight to bed once I got home from work this morning, but since there weren’t anything distracting me I was literally almost out as a light once I lay down.  This didn’t stop me from waking up at around one in the afternoon anyway, but it was otherwise untroubled.

Even when I woke up though, I didn’t stay awake long, and went back to sleep. Maybe it was due to the combination of the cool afternoon breeze, and how it was relatively quiet among our neighbors, I was again out like a light. I slept comfortably until early evening, upon which I woke up, and found both my sister and my nephew already with us in the house.

Tomorrow the team has Christmas Eve off, so maybe I can finally catch up to both Yuru-Yuri and Gochiusa


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