The Regrettable Result Of The Noche Buena

I was a little bit thankful that the team got Christmas Eve off. Although this does mean that we’d have to come in on New Year’s eve, it also meant that we could spend the night before Christmas with our families… And in our case, though in my case, this meant that I slept in for most of the day, and then looked forward to a heavy dinner.

Ironically I didn’t actually eat much during the noche buena feast after midnight, since I had gorged myself on spaghetti several hours earlier during dinnertime. In the end, all I did was drink cola, and munch on the fish tocino that my father had cooked for dinner, and which we then threw in alongside the barbecue, valenciana, spaghetti, and hinalabos na hipon.

Oh, and all this time, my sister was in my room, working away from the office. She only finished her “shift” at around four in the morning, but even then, man was I jealous that her job allowed her a luxury of working from the house even if it’s just one day per week.  The baby was making a fuss though, but that’s what happens when you let him go to bed late in the evening… and then wake the kid up for picture-taking at around midnight.  Let’s just say that we had to deal with a screaming and kicking two-year old as a result. Hmm.

Anyway I don’t have any work today as well, so I’m just enjoying the long weekend while it’s here.


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