Skipping Through The Weekends

As with how these things usually go, if I skip a day’s entry, it usually means that I either overslept, or was just too tired to make an entry for the day. Last night was the former case — I actually even remember setting an alarm for it, but apparently I turned off the alarm, and promptly went back to sleep. Go figure.

Now, for today, well, the most exciting part is the fact that the family went out to meet with my tita (my mother’s younger sister) and my cousin (along with her kids of course). Me and my father first met my sister and her family over at Trinoma, before the five of us — myself, my sister, her husband, my father, and the baby — drove off towards Eastwood Mall. There we met them at the Crisostomo restaurant, and suffice to say that we got very very stuffed.

Oh, and since the place wasn’t accepting my sister’s ATM, we had to use my credit card for payment… Add to this the knee-jerk purchase I made on the internet when I got home, and I am seriously not going to be financially happy for the next few months. Better make sure to intercept those credit card bills before my father opens them up… 

Speaking of bills, I am seriously hoping that we get our pay before the 30th, as the only days that the banks will be open will be tomorrow and the 29th.  Ugh.


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