Need To Head In Early, Again

Despite my fears, last night’s shift turned out to be much more relaxed than I’d expected. For a Monday evening, the number of calls were manageable, and early on during the shift there were significant avail times in between calls.  Add to this the fact that we learned that our pay was in our payroll accounts before even half the shift was done, and what’s more the payout for the cutoff was much larger than anyone predicted (apparently the product of tax refunds for the year). 

Speaking of which, my own payout was at around nineteen thousand and nine-hundred odd pesos, which I was really glad for, as it meant that my savings would be entering the new year at more than twenty-thousand for a change. Of course, it’s likely that after the New Year a good chunk of that would be gone to pay off my burgeoning credit card bill, but hey, I’m going to enjoy it while it’s there in my savings account.

Oh, and since there’s apparently a blizzard warning for the Minneapolis area, we’ve been ordered to come into work early to make up for the expected attendance shortfall. Well, it’s a Tuesday, it’s not like the call volume could get any heavier than the usual rate for that day.

Hmm, there’s still going to be a bit of extra cash, so maybe I should take the opportunity to get a massage and a haircut while I still have a chance…


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