They Weren’t Quite Snowed In

Despite our worries, last night’s shift was much more relaxed than we expected. Sure we were asked to log in half an hour early, but there weren’t that many calls compared to the usual nights. You’d think that it wasn’t snowing in Minneapolis or something… In any case, it was uneventful, though as usual I wished that the temperature was turned up on the floor.  It seems that the only warm place anywhere on the eight floor is the sleeping quarters.

Anyway, with last night’s shift done, it means that we have two more days until the New Year. It’s really too bad that we won’t get New Year’s eve off, but New Year is a holiday anyway, so that’s something to look forward to at least.

Oh, and my sleep this afternoon went mostly uninterrupted, which is surprising, since my sister and her son are staying with us until the New Year.


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