Working On The Eve Of The New Year

It’s New Year’s eve, and here I am, getting ready for work. My only hope for tonight is that the calls ease up, really… Though that’s seems like a forlorn hope, due to all those last-minute calls for their IRA RMDs and whatnot. Can’t hurt though, especially given how slow last night’s shift was when compared to the start of the week. Hmm.

As for my sleep today, it wasn’t as straight as I’d have liked, as I woke up at around two in the afternoon, and never managed to go back to bed.  What this means, of course, is that I might be looking forward to some caffeine tonight…

My family of course prepared quite a spread for tonight, and this time around my sister’s husband managed to drop by for dinner too.  Of course, given the huge amount of food involved, invariably this would mean that my packed lunch would be mostly the same (in this case, carbonara and fried chicken, yeesh). Oh well, could be worse, I suppose.

Maybe I’ll get myself some cola at work to complete the set, heh.  In any case, for those who manage to read this journal entry, may you all have a Happy New Year~!


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