That First Weekend Solo

Thankfully, the work week ended without incident. While I did get two calls monitored, I did somewhat okay, but the takeaway from the review done by the Minneapolis coach was that I had to find a way of using shorter phrases when I talk to callers. Not surprisingly, it was almost straight to bed once … Continue reading That First Weekend Solo

Slipped Past Without Incident

After the terrible shift the other day, I think I was able to address part of my screw-ups by being able to call the client I had processed the request for, in order to also update his mailing address. It's a good thing he was amiable enough despite it being so early in the day. and … Continue reading Slipped Past Without Incident

When It Rains, It Floods

I think many adults out there of working age have experienced "those" kind of days at the office, where nothing seemed to go right, and the situations just conspire to make sure that not only do you screw up multiple times, but each subsequent screw-up was just much worst than the last. Because that's exactly … Continue reading When It Rains, It Floods

It’s So Close, All Of A Sudden

And all of a sudden, it's not only the midweek, it's also just a few days more until payday (or at least I hope that it's payday). The old bromide really applies in this case, especially in my situation. With no one else in the house, it's pretty much straight to bed once I get changed.   … Continue reading It’s So Close, All Of A Sudden

Alone It Seems,. Naturally

So I kind of woke up this afternoon, after dropping into bed from work, that Kuya Jun was gone, and this time around his bags and things were nowhere to be found as well. I figure that he finally received his departure order, and didn't want to wake me to tell me that he was leaving. … Continue reading Alone It Seems,. Naturally

Weekend Literally Passed Me By

As ashamed as I have to admit, I nearly slept the weekend away, where I was mostly asleep during the daytime and active during the evenings instead. And while I had the house to myself this Sunday, as my father had left for Leyte while my tito Jun visited some relatives, I wasn't actually able … Continue reading Weekend Literally Passed Me By

Quite Restful, And I’m Not Complaining

I was very glad to come home earlier today. While the shift wasn't physically taxing, I was mentally spent. I just wanted to drop into bed, close my eyes, and forget the waking world for a few hours. I kind of got my wish, but in return here I am, awake once again while everyone … Continue reading Quite Restful, And I’m Not Complaining