Quietly Into The New Year

Last night’s shift was much more quiet than expected, as far as the number of calls coming in went.  It was enough that  we were able to enjoy the food the account had so nicely given to us as small thanks for coming in to work (a box from Kenny Roger’s), and a bit of a raffle as well as tradition (I didn’t win anything, small surprise).  The portions were heavy enough that, when it came time for me to take out my packed lunch (at the end of the shift, before I went home), I wasn’t able to finish it, at all.

As for the rest of my day, once I got back from the office it was pretty much straight to bed.  And after I woke up, with a bit of fruit salad for merienda, it was then time for the first bit of laundry for the year. Surprisingly the water pressure was strong even during the early evening, which meant that no one was using up the water supply for the area.  Hmm.

Now what to do… Ah yes, my anime backlog. Yeah, there’s that to look forward to for the first weekend of the year.


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