So Many Sighs Of Relief

The shift last night wasn’t as bad as I feared, come to think of it.  Though there was a short bit at around lunchtime where the calls really started to pile up, the night was over all very relaxed. I don’t think I broke the thirty call mark at all, which is impressive, when one recalls that it’s both the first day of work after the New Year, and a Monday on top of it. Hmm.

The only real wrinkle that I could think of for the shift was the fact that I couldn’t file my OTs through our scheduling system. I’ll have to see about that tonight and see if it goes through.

As for today, I wasn’t able to get as much sleep as I’d liked, as while I went to bed immediately once I got home (after getting changed, of course), I woke up at around noontime and never managed to fall asleep again.  So, I’m more or less running on four hours sleep right now, and I’ll have to make up for that, either with brief naps, or caffeine.  

Feeling some back aches over the past two days. Really feels like my age is starting to show…


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