Definitely Feeling It Bit By Bit

So that back pain I’ve felt since Monday? It hasn’t really abated, though it’s more of an annoyance than anything painful. That said, it takes a serious effort to even be able to bend over, and once I got home earlier this morning, I had sleep either fully flat on my back, or face down.  Not exactly the most comfy way to go to bed, for sure.

What this means is that I might have to make good on what I said to my supervisor about trying to check with a specialist about this.  I really don’t want to use up any of my leaves, but it looks like I have to after all. Blah.

It’s no wonder that despite going to bed really early, I woke up at noon, and it took me a while to go back to bed.  Though for some reason the aching part seems to have moved to the left after spending most of Monday evening on the right. Hmm.

As for last night’s shift, it was still somewhat relaxed, which I was fine with. What I wasn’t fine with was being forced to literally sleep on the floor of the sleeping quarters as all the beds were occupied. Ugh. Trying to sleep flat on your back on a hardwood floor isn’t easy, for sure.

In any case, about time for me to get ready for work. Hopefully I won’t need as much caffeine as I did early last night.


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