It Was Quite A Night, For Sure

While last night’s shift started routinely enough, by the time my first break came around the pain in my back that had been bothering me over the past few days returned in force. So I went down to the clinic, and figured that they’d give me some painkillers to see me through the night. What I did not expect was for me to be more or less advised to be sent to the ER Triage of Makati Medical Center, as it was the third day straight of the unexplained back pain.

It was a whole lot more embarrassing than I expected, especially since I was ferried back and forth on a wheelchair while I was at the office. In the end, I was escorted by my team lead to Makati Medical, where I was checked in to have my back looked at. It was quite an experience, for sure, especially when they inserted the IV needle into the back of my left hand so that they could be able to administer medication straight to my blood stream.

It was a while before we got any doctors to have a look at me, so my supervisor excused himself to return back to the office. I was surprised that I hadn’t fallen asleep during the wait, but eventually my name was called, and I was wheeled over to the doctor’s office so she’d have a look at me.  In the end, I had an X-ray taken, as well as a urinalysis done, but the conclusion was that, some how, my back muscles were spasming so bad that they were pulling on my spine.  

In any case, I was given a curtained-off area with a bed for me to lie down on, and given some pain killers and muscle relaxant. They left me there for a few hours, likely to collate the results of the test. I tried to go to sleep, but since I wasn’t used to sleeping sitting down the best that I could muster was a weird half-slumber.  When the doctor finally got back to me, it was already morning.  The doctor had me read their findings, and gave me the lowdown on what I needed to do over the next few days — mainly bed rest and more meds.  

Oh, and with the medical certificate she included, I was able to get a day off work.  So there’s that.

After everything, I was wheeled out to the cashier so I could pay for the services. It’s a good thing I had my health card with me… Anyway, after everything was signed, I was let out of the hospital. The medicine had done its work by that point, so I was able to actually walk back to the office without issue.  Once there, I retrieved my things from the locker and the work floor, then proceeded home…  Where I took the most obvious advice and lay down on my bed for most of the day

Gonna have to go back to work tomorrow evening though, so better have everything ready, including the all-important medical certificate.


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