Closing The Door On A Different First Week Of The Year

I’m feeling a whole lot better today, but much of that is owed by the fact that I spent a good part of last night and most of today in bed. Indeed, the only time I roused myself was to take a bath, get changed, and head off to the nearest Mercury Drug store to buy the medication I’m going to have to use for the next few days. Total financial damage was little over a thousand pesos, but I now had enough medicine for three days, which was as long as the doctor at Makati Med figured I’d have to be on medication. Hmm.

In any case, I can go to work now, which means I’ll have to also bring the all-important med cert with me. I’m kind of hoping that the work day would be slow, but any day at work is better than a day spent idle at home, I suppose.

As usual, I’m looking forward to the weekend, though in this case it’s really to be able to properly rest and recover than anything else.


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