More Weekend Pages To The Wind

I wasn’t able to talk about Friday’s shift, so I’ll do it tonight instead. It started out, unsurprisingly, difficult. By the time I got to the MRT station at Taft, at about ten minutes past eight in the evening, services had stopped. This meant that I joined countless people in the walk toward Makati. I arrived at around nine o’clock, by which time (I learned later on) the train services were restored.

The shift that followed was more or less mundane, aside from the fact that I had a particularly heated coaching session with my team lead. The object of this little meeting? The last call I had for Wednesday, before I had to be taken to Makati Medical for my back condition. Obviously the review of my performance was scathing, but I countered that, in this case, I couldn’t have been able to perform at a hundred percent anyway. Really, it was a miracle I was able to even come to work in the first place — while it won’t likely change the minds of the Minneapolis coaches, at the very least they could know the context of what was going on with me.

Anyway, I spent most of Saturday at bed rest, periodically taking the medicine that was prescribed to me. I only roused myself at at around eleven in the evening, only because it was time to do set up the washing machine to do laundry (as the water pressure during the evening was strong enough to even use the washing machine). Well, that, and I had to pick up my grandmother (my mom’s mum) and cousin, who were being brought by my brother-in-law to the house that evening.

As for today, I woke up at nine, before I was unceremoniously hustled to the bathroom by my sister to take a bath, and get changed, since we were taking grandma to meet up with my cousin’s (the one we had met previously before the New Year) family at UP Town Center for lunch out.  Rather than Crisostomo’s again, we ate at Salu-Salo this time, and while I had to shell out a thousand pesos contribution, it was over all filling.  Heck, I didn’t even eat dinner, that was how full I was.

After that, it was off to Mad Mark’s (home made) ice cream shop for some dessert (the flavor I chose was Walnut Cinnamon).  That was a fine cap to a great day out with the family, because after that we parted ways with my cousin’s family (meaning her husband and kids), and headed home… Where I’ve been trying to recover from the aforementioned meal at Salu-Salo. Ugh.


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