Let’s Try And Start Things Right This Time

It’s Monday once again, which means it’s back to the real world and work once more. This means sleep schedule readjustment, and though I think I got enough sleep this time, it wasn’t exactly uninterrupted. Rather than the heat though, I kept on waking up after a particularly powerful snore. I guess that’s what I get for sleeping on my back.

Speaking of my back, it’s feeling a whole lot better, though I’m not entirely sure if it’s because it’s really recovered, or if it’s due to the medicine I’m still taking. In any case, I can walk without wincing now, so I suppose that’s what’s really important.

On to other things. My grandmother, that is, my mom’s mother, as well as one of my cousins, will be staying here for a while, at least until the end of the week.  Something about visas again; for my cousin, it’s the visa that she needs so she’d be able to join her older brother in New Zealand, while for my grandmother, well, she’s just waiting on her own US visa to be renewed, so she could go visit nanay and tito over in the US again.

Add to this the fact that the baby is staying over with us until at least Wednesday, and it’s a whole lot more lively in the house than usual.

Anime Watched: Gate S2, Heavy Object, Dagashi Kashi, Oshiete Galko!


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