Stuffed During The Midweek

There was quite a bit of spending today, and most of it was related to food. I guess it’s partly because both my cousin and grandmother were leaving tomorrow morning, so I guess it was decided that the best way to prepare for this was to buy honking amounts of food.  First was the bucket of chickenjoy from Jollibee for lunchtime (bought by my cousin), which was followed by a Set A lauriat from Chowking care of my sister for dinner.  Add to this the food already prepared by my father for lunch, and that was a lot of stuff for five adults and a toddler to try and finish off. Buh.

As for other things… The shift last night was somewhat mundane, though I have to admit that I did bungle a call that was supposed to have been easy. Ouch. I’m worried that might come up for the one-on-one I have scheduled for tonight with my supervisor.

And when I got home, well, I certainly tried to sleep straight into the evening, but I woke up at two o’clock anyway, as I had to relieve my bladder.  Couldn’t go back to sleep after that though, despite what amounted to three documentaries worth about Hadrian’s Wall that I watched through Youtube. Hmm.

I’m hoping that the fuel I got from all that food amounts to something, or else I’ll have to rely on the old standby caffeine to get me through tonight.

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