A Quiet Payday

It turned out that our pay was deposited into our payroll accounts relatively early, as early as nine in the evening in fact.  This was confirmed by a quick look at our accounts through BDO’s online banking system, and let me tell you, many on the work floor sighed in relief that their pay wasn’t too delayed this time around.

As for last night, the important thing that I could say about it was that it was as unexciting as it could be. Hopefully that would expend to tonight’s shift as well.

And me? As soon as I got off work, I headed over to the most convenient BDO ATM, then went home. I then waited an hour for the Metrobank branch we had in the neighborhood to open, and then deposited my money in my savings account there. After that? Home, where I had a somewhat uninterrupted slumber. 

So yes, once again, looking forward to the weekend… and the three thousand pesos that my sister owes me, ahaha.


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