Just A Mite Anticlimactic, Is All

Last night’s shift passed surprisingly without incident, not even a really long call or an escalation. It felt somewhat strange as a result, but I’m not one to complain about the lack of excitement during a shift. In any case, the work day was capped off with a team meeting announcing the apparent impeding resignation of one of the team (no surprise, it was the guy who had attendance issues), upcoming (very unwanted) evaluation changes for our performance, and stuff to do by next week.

In any case, it wasn’t entirely restful once I got home. I think I had about two hours sleep, then I had to wake up again, take a bath, and get changed, because I had an appointment. Over at the Mall of Asia.

Yeah.  I’ll just say that it was definitely not a waste of an afternoon.

Though that pretty much ate up all of the time I’d normally have used either on Kantai Collection or catching up on my anime. But real life is just like that, I suppose.


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