Not Exactly The Usual Early-Day Activities

I woke up really early today to do laundry, at around two in the morning, in fact. This was because, since the nanny of my nephew did the laundry on Thursday morning instead, this meant that by the time my sister went home to Quezon City we still had a laundry basket’s worth of dirty clothes left unwashed. This wouldn’t do, not at all, so I set about putting up the washing machine and whatnot.

By the time it was three-thirty, everything was done, and the clothes now waited in the big basin I placed in the bathroom, for my father to worry about when he got up in the morning. As for me, it was bed again, and I pretty much stayed there until around noontime. 

When woke up though, I tried to busy myself trying to catch up with what I would have normally done during the morning. I didn’t have a proper lunch though — instead, I ate away at the big pile of pomelos that my nephew’s nanny apparently brought back with her from her hometown. Even now, there’s still four big ones left in a box downstairs, from what was apparently eight at the start of the day. Yeah.

I went for a short nap again around mid-afternoon, but once I woke up, it was a bath, then a quick trip to church for the day. Once I came back though, it’s been documentary after documentary for the rest of the evening (for the curious, it’s the old Battlefield series). In fact, I’m probably going to finish the Siege of Leningrad episode before I finally turn in for the night.


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