Not Much Of A General Assembly

Despite it being technically a holiday, I still had to come in to work last night if only to participate in the events laid out by the upper management for Martin Luther King’s day. Mostly though it was an excuse for us to avoid being idle. For example for the first two hours we were supposed to do some self-evaluation, and listen in to our past calls to take note of what we could improve.  Take note I said “supposed”; in practice however this meant that the old hands of the team slept off those two hours, though the newbies did somehow take all of it seriously.

The next two hours after that was supposed to be made up for tax training, up to the point where the team had to reserve a training room downstairs for it. Unfortunately when the time came for the senior agents, it turned out that the big-screen monitor of the room wasn’t working, so we had to go back to the floor and use a few of our own work stations for an impromptu question and answer session, where the questions were mostly about the coming  US tax season.

Finally was the General Assembly, which took the entirely of the last third of the work day. It was less of a General Assembly though, and more of a vehicle for the management to lay out the changes that were about to happen in the next few months, while us veterans grumbled in the background about said changes being forced onto us.  Of course, the buffet followed shortly after, and suddenly the grumbling was less audible, up until we got back to the work floor anyway. Let’s just say that there were a lot of points of contention for the old hands, not in the least the fact that the all-important Attendance score was not taken out of the equation as far as performance metrics go.

So yeah, I can imagine a whole lot of “fun” for tonight’s shift. For sure.

Anime Watched: Osomatsu-San.

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