I Was Definitely Kept Busy

Last night was understandably busy, and it’s amazing how we managed to get through the evening without our supervisor on duty (he had one of his rare days off). It’s a good thing that his assistant was on hand though, so things turned out okay.

As for myself, while I did go home after work, I had to stay awake until nine-thirty, as I had to head to the NBI outlet over at Robinsons Galleria to have my clearance done for the year. I had already finished the important paperwork online, and had even paid for it that way, so all I needed to do once there is present the confirmation number I got for the online payment (taken as a photo on my smartphone), as well as a valid ID (my passport in this case).

Wouldn’t you know it though? The number I got once I was there was 231. This meant that there was quite a bit of waiting involved before it was finally my turn. I actually was able to  go up to the food court, walk around, grab something to eat, withdraw more money at the ATM, and then come back, and it still wasn’t my turn.  

Eventually it my turn in line, but that was quite a wait.  To give one an idea, I got to Robinsons at ten-thirty, but when everything was done it was already one in the afternoon. Yeah.

In any case, once the biometrics were done, and the NBI clearance was printed, I was out of there. I headed straight home, and it was off to bed. Well, at least that was done with.


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