Quite Restful, And I’m Not Complaining

I was very glad to come home earlier today. While the shift wasn’t physically taxing, I was mentally spent. I just wanted to drop into bed, close my eyes, and forget the waking world for a few hours. I kind of got my wish, but in return here I am, awake once again while everyone is resting… and I’ve suddenly got a lot of stuff to do too.

Well, there’s laundry of course (since the water pressure is always much better during evenings when no one else is using the pipes), but I also have to run off now and make sure to withdraw some money so tatay will have some spending money for when he goes home to Leyte tomorrow.  He’s gonna stay there until maybe the fourteenth of next month. He hasn’t been back there for a while though, so I suppose it’s just one nice thing I could grant him before his trip…

Yeah, that’s it.


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