Alone It Seems,. Naturally

So I kind of woke up this afternoon, after dropping into bed from work, that Kuya Jun was gone, and this time around his bags and things were nowhere to be found as well. I figure that he finally received his departure order, and didn’t want to wake me to tell me that he was leaving.  This means that, from this point on, I have the house all to myself. Hmm.

This does means that I have to do all the house maintenance on my own from now on. Heh.

Last night’s shift wasn’t what I could call eventful, though since it was a Monday it had a comparatively higher number of calls than usual.  That said, I don’t think the queue overflowed during the entire evening. Go figure.

Oh, and tonight’s technically the second night that I’ve been trying to reduce my meat and carbohydrate intake and trying to supplement it with, what else, veggies. I’m experiencing first-hand though just how hard it is to eat just steamed vegetables. Pure vegetarians have all my respect for what might quite a mundane activity for them.

In any case, my primary concern for tonight will be, as usual, not being late, and not screwing up on my calls.

Anime Watched: Heavy Object.


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