It’s So Close, All Of A Sudden

And all of a sudden, it’s not only the midweek, it’s also just a few days more until payday (or at least I hope that it’s payday). The old bromide really applies in this case, especially in my situation. With no one else in the house, it’s pretty much straight to bed once I get changed.  

Though I have to say today was a little different in that regard, as I had to meet a friend at Baclaran church. After that business was done though, it was straight to the closest CDR-King outlet I could find to buy some DVDs, so I could burn some of the shows for this season. Said DVDs will serve as a “sampler” for another acquaintance (from work this time) to see if any show from this season’s anime line-up will be worth following.

I hadn’t done any DVD burning in a long time though. Go figure.


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